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Speed School

Designed for Golfers by a
PGA Professional and Fitness Trainer

"I've been able to gain 50 yards over the 6 months of the program!" - Jake B

Speed School is exactly as it sounds, a program to help you get stronger, faster and hit the ball a long way! It's not just workouts that you will get, we also cover the swing technique modifications (with drills) that you can make to unlock your speed potential!

Speed school is structured, easy to follow and I guarantee you will be hitting the ball further than you have before!

Price- $249 AUD

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22 Workouts

18 Lessons

All Fitness + Golf Levels

Home OR Gym

Real People Real Results


I follow this program and was able to go from 114mph to 131mph.

Jake B

I have been able to gain 50 yards in just 6 months of the program!

Ian C

I am more stand over the golf ball and have picked up 10 meters in my first 2 months of the program. Thanks Flats!