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Fit in 15 

Designed for Golfers by a
PGA Professional and Fitness Trainer

" Knowing I get my training done in 15 minutes and am seeing great results on an off the course gives me all the motivation I need!" - Derek A

The Fit in 15 workout programs have been speficially designed to help you as a golf improve your body and movements in the ways needed to improve your swing. No matter if you want more Mobility, Strength, Flexibility, Power or Speed all you need to do is click the play button and follow along with the screen.

Easy to follow, Easy to use and Easy to fit in with your busy schedule!

Price- $149 AUD

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18 Workouts

All Fitness Levels

Home OR Gym

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Real People Real Results

Tim B

Flats I actually do 2 of these per day! I find it fits in with my work schedule really well and the mobility routines have been a game changer for my tight back!

Vicki Q

I've lost 3kg and dropped 4 shots in my handicap in just 8 weeks following the Fit in 15 Program. I love it!

John J

Just checking in Flats. Your Fit in 15 programs have really motivated me to stay active every day! I no longer feel sore after 36 holes (let alone 18 like I used to)! Thank you!