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"Shred It & Send It"


Your objective is simple!

Lose 4kg | Gain 10 meters | in 28 days!

Are you up for the challenge?

When: 1st April

Where: Anywhere, Anytime on the Flats Golf n Fitness App

14 day challenge image for SM copy.jpg
14 day challenge image for SM.jpg

What's Included?

- 3 x Weekly Live Coaching and Accountability sessions with Flats

- 28 days of Golf Fitness Workouts (at Home or the Gym)

- Mobility Routines

- Specific Drills to help you hit the ball Longer and Straighter!

- The Ultimate 28 Day Meal Plan

- Access to our Private Facebook Group

- LIFETIME ACCESS to the challenge!

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The After Effect?

After the 28 days you will have:

- Decreased your body Fat %

- Increased Energy

- Increased Strength and Power

- Improved Flexibility

- Set healthier habits to improve your golf and fitness long term

- A greater understanding of your swing and how to improve

- Have LIFETIME access to the 28 Day Challenge to continue improving and reaching your goals!

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 10.32.18 am.png

Real People Real Results

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