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I am a PGA Professional and Fitness Trainer from Sydney, Australia and am passionate about helping golfers reach their golf and fitness goals! I love to mentor, motivate and coach you to become better in your golf, fitness and overall health!

I completed my golf apprenticeship in 2010 and then I played on the Australasian PGA Tour as well as tours over in the UK and Europe.  After ending that season of touring my passion for golf was still on fire so I directed my energy to golf coaching! Being so eager to help people and enjoying my fitness training I eventually turned that passion into a career as well becoming a certified personal trainer in 2014. 

Through this time my wife and I have undertaken Mission/ Volunteer work throughout Panama and Costa Rica as well as Vietnam, which turned into us staying in Ho Chi Minh City for 2 years and me taking up coaching again full time.

All of these experiences and more have led me to creating the Flats Golf n Fitness App, which is a tool for me to help connect, empower and encourage you to be better both on and off the course. 

I would be honoured to go on the journey with you and help you reach your greatness!

Hi I'm Ryan O'Flaherty, but you can call me Flats!

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Tel: +61490106417

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