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28 Day 
"Golf Fitness" 

Designed for Golfers by a
PGA Professional and Fitness Trainer

" I just finished the 28 day challenge and lost nearly 6kg and gained 10-15 meters on  the course!" - Jeremy B


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to lose 4kg and gain 10 meters on the course in just 28 days! You will have daily tasks to complete ranging between 15-30 minutes long, and they will vary from workouts to drills and specific exercises/movements to help you gain distance and consistency.

You will also gain access to our private facebook group for ongoing accountability as well as access to our member only weekly live coaching and check-in sessions.


The app is easy to use, you open it up, click the day you are up to, press play and follow the workout on your screen.  All workouts have options for training at home or in the gym.

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Price- $149 AUD

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Workouts & Drills


All Fitness Levels


Home OR Gym

Real People Real Results

Jeremy B

Just finished the 28 day challenge. Lost nearly 6kg and gained 10-15 meters on the course.

Brendan O

Thanks for letting me join the challenge. I lost 4kg and am find it easy to stick to the meal plan and feel so much better for it!

Nick V

Hey mate, weighed in this morning at 99.5kg down from 105kg! Thanks again!

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What's included:


28 Days of Golf and Fitness training


In-App Goal Tracking


Private Facebook + IG Group


Exclusive ongoing education and tips


In the Gym OR at Home workouts

With OR Without equipemnt




Two ways you can get started!

When you sign up on a membership plan you will get access to all of our Golf and Fitness Programs. Gaining full access to our golf screening, swing characteristics course with specific drills, workouts routines, practice plans, as well as other workout programs and more! 

When making a one-time purchase you will only have access to this course.


Sign up for all the amazing plans and programs on the App


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